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How do I score 600 marks in NEET exam?

Not an easy task to score more than 600 or maybe to reach this level. The NEET Exam is conducted for the admissions in MBBS and BDS. 

Some of the NEET Preparation tips you can follow are:

  1. Because you have enough time-know about the NEET exam very well. Like the eligibility, syllabus etc.
  2. Very important to do is- Create a study table and make it in slots with a short break in between
  3. Set your routine in a way that you target the difficult ones first and then go to the ones you can handle well.
  4. Prepare well, master of basics, keep revising. Keep giving online/offline mocks.
  5. Work on your strengths and weaknesses. Analyse your performances. Give enough time to weak areas and master them
  6. Join relevant groups with the common aim and interest and learn to get and give information.


  • Consistent in Practice will leads you to get 600+ score in NEET 2018.

    Decide that you’re going to be consistent, put structures in place to almost guarantee your consistency, make up in your mind once and for all that you’re going to do it, and watch exponential results come.

    If you follow this path then you will definitely crack NEET 2018.

    I will share some useful tips that will help you in NEET Preparation.

    • First of all make a list of your weaker topics, then gave approx. 3-4 hour time to it..
    • Check for the complete syllabus and pattern.
    • Choose best study materials for your preparation.
    • Make notes of all the important topics or anything that is important for the exam. This will help you in your last minute preparation.
    • Take Take online Test  This will help you analyze your level of preparation and also increase your speed and accuracy.
    • Improve your weaker areas first. Study more for the topics in which you are weak.
    • Last remaining 15 days you solve the paper every day at the exact time of paper (9-12) this will psychologically help you and your mind's functions will improve accordingly.
    • Take Proper sleep.
  • you will get 600 plus marks in neet exam if you follow these preparation tips: 


    Following a well set timetable assists you to remain focused on your objective amid your NEET preparation. Likewise, since you need to complete 2 years’ of syllabus, having a well organized timetable that will enable you to plan your NEET exam preparation. Go according to your set timetable strictly. Be that as it may, stay open towards altering it with time.

    – Make sure that you have some fun as well

    – Assign time depending upon your strengths and weaknesses

    – During one seating, study for at-least 3 hours.


    Periodic practice is recommended amid your NEET Preparation ;

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  • The NEET 2018 exam will be conducted in May, 2018 every year for admissions into different medical and dental courses in the government and private medical institutions across India. all the aspirants must be working Perseverance to prepare for the exam. The level of NEET competition is very high. It's not easy to score over 600 or maybe reach this level.
    Some of the NEET Study plan & Time Table you can follow are:
    1. Select best Preparation Books.
    2. Read the complete syllabus and Exam pattern.
    3.Give Daily 6 to 8 Hours for Study.
    4. Solve the last  5year previous paper.
    5. Discuss with the Friends.
    6. You can prepare through Android Apps and online resources or test Series
  • If you follow an effective study plan and stay determined you can score more than 600 marks in NEET 2018. Read on to find out how!

    Here are a few simple yet effective tips to help you achieve your goal:

    1. With just about a few months left for NEET 2018,
      you must understand that every second of yours is precious. Time wasted
      will never come back and in the end you will only regret the moments you
      could have utilized in a better way. In order to make the optimum use
      of your time, it is best to prepare a schedule. Now,
      you must have read this tip time and again. But have you ever
      implemented it? I am sure most of you wouldn’t have. Many of you may
      have prepared a schedule but never followed it. Ask those who prepared a
      strict schedule and followed it diligently. They will tell you just how
      it helped them achieve their goals. So, if you haven’t taken this
      aspect seriously yet, it is time you do.
    1. If you haven’t enrolled at a professional coaching class by now, it
      is too late to do it now. This is because half of the syllabus must have
      already been covered in these classes and no one is going to repeat it
      especially for you. But don’t worry you can always opt for online coaching.
      With this, you get the option to view the lectures for all the topics
      as many times as you want and at a time suitable to you. So, you
      wouldn’t have to do without professional guidance even if you figured
      out its importance just a few months before the exam.

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  • You can get 600+ marks, you just have to follow these preparation tips:


    Having a basic comprehension of all the concepts in the NEET 2018 syllabus is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you need to know best how to get ready for NEET. When you are done with them, you can focus on important chapters and concepts and allude to the best preparation books in order to crack NEET 2018.

    – Jot down formulas and notes

    – Begin with NCERT standard books

    – Make a list of important chapters


    You have to go back and revise all the time regardless of whether you have aced a specific topic, chapter, concept, section or subject. Revision is important for your NEET Preparation. Various online exam preparation platforms help in finding and managing study materials and preparation notes easily.

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