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How can I practice questions in a right way for NEET?


As you have mentioned yourself that you have one year, that puts you in the advantageous spot. Try and figure out the syllabus that you are going to follow for NEET. For you, the NEET 2018 is target and you should focus your energy to prepare for the subjects keeping in mind the study material that you are going to refer to. Since NEET Exam 2018 is relatively new phenomena with all the other state conducted exams gone, it is really important for you to understand the pattern well in advance.

As far as getting frustated and fearful about your wrong answers are concerned, do not get worried about that. It is part of your preparation procedure. Just practice some more on the topics you feel you are lacking. Make sure you do not skip the parts that you feel are bothering you. Make a proper time-schedule to segregate your prep hours for boards and for the NEET prep.

Best of Luck for the exams.


  • The reason you are not able to solve the questions and get frustrated easily is that you are not well versed with the basic concepts of the chapter.

    Evaluating yourself for time and again is most important , it shows the position where you stand, and that can only be happen if you practice the questions without dwelling into the solutions hurriedly. You need to give it some time , in fact you need to scratch your head a bit.

    You need to learn the art of solving questions and that can only be possible if you practice a lot of questions.

    Initially, for physics and chemistry, start with solving the questions from the textbooks of the school, that will help a lot to give you a clear understanding of the basic fundamental concepts so that you can at least imagine the areas where you can implement those concepts.

    Once you are done with this, give a glance to the previous year papers, believe me, that will help you a lot, to frame the outline idea of the kind of questions used to come in the exam, and then start solving some quality problems from another standard books or from the study material of any reputed institute.

    Initially it will take time to develop the skills of solving questions without dwelling into the solutions but later on the time you spend on the questions will reduce.

    And so, it is just a matter of time.

    Keep giving the mock test to test your knowledge.

    Even if you get frustrated easily while solving questions, you have to develop that one ruthless mind to carry on with the situation in order to clear the exam.

    There is no other option.

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    So, if you are going to appear for the 2018 NEET exam, then here are some useful strategies and tips that would help you in your preparation.


    Following a well set timetable assists you to remain focused on your objective amid your NEET preparation. Likewise, since you need to complete 2 years’ of syllabus, having a well organized timetable that will enable you to plan your NEET exam preparation. Go according to your set timetable strictly. Be that as it may, stay open towards altering it with time.

    – Make sure that you have some fun as well

    – Assign time depending upon your strengths and weaknesses

    – During one seating, study for at-least 3 hours.


    for more details: NEET exam preparation

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