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What is the strategy for the last 3 months for NEET as a dropper?

As a dropper, you need to start with the revision during these 3 months. The strategies you need to follow in the last 3 months are as follows:
  • Make a list of the important topics which you need to cover in these 3 months. Try not to start any new topic in this 3 month period. 
  • The NEET exam will be conducted on the objective pattern so practice on the latest exam pattern. Solve the practice tests regularly. 
  • Revise the Biology regularly so that you will not forget the important things.
  • As a dropper, your whole focus should be on the NEET exam and be prepare for the NEET counseling process as many people make the big mistake during that.
  • Keep the 1.5 months for the total revision of the syllabus.
  • For Chemistry organic is the important one to focus more on that.
  • Don't forget to revise the NCERT for the NEET as the exam will be based on it.
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  • Droppers have two advantages with them, which they turn into their biggest reason to fail :

    1. TIME


    These two advantages can turn your biggest enemies, if not taken in the right way.

    It’s true, repeaters have ample time during repeat year to brush them up, but, most of us, get lazy and lose interest under the leap of this benefit.

    Secondly, YES! We know, a bit of each topic learnt in our 11th and 12th class years, But, It should not close our minds towards more knowledge. Instead, Accept knowledge, Open your horizons and explore more. No one gets 100% saturated with academic knowledge when the syllabus is so vast.

    Now, regarding the study strategy:

    1. Develop interest and don’t go for rattafication for Biology. Take time to learn, don’t run!

    2. Increase the no. of revisions. Biology is all about repetitions. Don’t go for one time readings.

    3. Don’t leave anything for the last minute.

    4. Write more and read less! I will justify you this statement till you reach the end of this question.

    5. Don’t study when you’re bored. Take 15 mins of break every two hours. Start in the morning with a fresh mind, and as the day progresses, turn to the topics you find the easiest, as the interest starts to decline.

    6. Don’t make long schedules. Rather, take daily goals, and sleep after you’re done with the day.

    7. Don’t turn into a hermit! Spend at least 45 mins a day for your hobbies! A bookworm nature would kill your love for the subjects.

    8. Don’t compare yourself with your friends. Everyone has own brain impulse timings and memory qualities.

    Last but the best; Find anyone, if you can, to teach. Even if the other person is least interested, your urge to teach them, will strengthen your concepts and keep your passions high!

  • Here are the best strategy and tips for NEET exam:


    Entrance exam questions for this exam range topics across Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Botany. Applicants showing up for NEET should get ready completely with a specific end goal to secure a decent score. The paper duration is of 3 hours. Each right answer gives you 3 marks and 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer. For each unanswered question, marks are nor granted nor s deducted.


    • The minimum age bar for this exam is normally 17 years.

    • The applicant ought to be an Indian citizen.

    • The upper age limit is usually 25 years. Further, for the hopefuls from the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and OBC categories there happens to be a relaxation of 5 years.

    • for more tips: NEET Entrance Exam

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