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MBA/PGDM for a IT Manager

edited February 2015 in MBA
Hi Srikanth,
    I am a IT professional since 14 Years and had completed my B.Sc(Mumbai). long back. thinking of pursuing MBA/PG(Distance), but have few doubts?
    1) Does Distance PG has value? 
    2) When you say MBA its more to do with business administration skill's, how would it help a IT professional in today's world?
    3) Most of this institutes are providing PGDM with specialisation in IT management. are they help full or do they add any value?        
    4) Did some research, and found Welingkar, Symbiosis and Sikkim manipal has such PGDM in IT, Which one is better?



  • @nischal : I am sorry for the late reply, sometimes our experience helps; one need not be really a management graduate, but to understand certain terms technically pgdm or mba is helpful. You can give a boost to your CV by writing MBA or PGDM etc. Yes Welingkar, Symbiosis are good and also IMT Distance Learning programmes are recommended.

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