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MBA at Christ University VS MBA at Alliance University? Which one is better, and why?

edited December 2014 in MBA
Please provide a constructive answer with respect to my question, my brother wants to give a try at these Universities. His MAT is good scored 650 in Dec MAT.


  • You cant compare these two Universities, Christ is way ahead of the later you are talking about. Alliance is just pathetic, it's fee structure is twice to that of Christ University. Campus of Alliance is some where away from the City.
  • @Srilakshmi Thanks for the quick reply, I knw about the fee. Can you tell me in other terms what is the difference like the placements, faculty and student life in these two Universities..
  • @Kavitha send me a PM if you need any other info.. No in all factors Christ is better.. Alliance treats this as Business, Christ does it for a different reason..
  • Icfai Business School Hyderabad might sound better..

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