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Which specialization in MBA is preferable for B.Com students?

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As a B.Com student which specialization can help in MBA to get a better placement package?


  • Prefer MBA in Finance to leverage your B.Com subjects. If their is a dual specialization option think of Finance and International Business or so.
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    Thank you for providing me with  such a useful information it will help a lot......

  • I think it totally
    depends on your interest, do your specialization in a field which you would
    love to work, or else I would suggest you to do MBA in Marketing as the
    Scenario of marketing has changed a lot in India and aboard, with tremendous
    growth in e-commerce and cut throat competition between companies. Marketing
    has become the essential part of all organizations, it’s also a challenging
    field where you can use your creative ideas, and I am too pursuing MBA in
    Marketing from Glocal University in Uttrakhand.
  • @rameshpatel01 what you said is exactly the situation now and the right answer for which specialization one should choose. Of course BCom students can prefer Finance as an Elective or specialization in MBA or PGDM.
  • Hey..!!
    It totally depends on your interest - You can go for
    1. MBA in Finance

    2. MBA in Marketing

    3. MBA in Human Resource

    4. MBA in Banking

    Mostly people start preparing for clerk, PO, and other bank exams and do MBA side by side.
    If you are not meant for bank job then only do the MBA .
  • @Srilakshmi It is your interest, if your passionate about HR, you can take HR also. There is no such thing like BCOM should take Finance.

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