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How good are the dual degree programmes such as MBA + PGDM or PGPM - [Explained]

edited December 2014 in MBA
Another question which bothers MBA aspirants is that should they take the dual degree programmes offered by some business schools by the name of MBA + PGPM or MBA + PGDM. We will try to clarify on this.

The basics should be remembered first, in India any student who is pursuing one full time course can't purse another full time course. To make it clear if somebody is studying a full time MBA can't do a full time PGDM programme. It is an offence, Universities or Institutes offering full time programmes don't allow this. However any one doing a full time course can do a part time course.

So the Institutes offering these dual certification courses such as MBA + PGPM or MBA + PGDM are simply cheating the students by offering them a distance MBA degree alongside a certificate course such as PGPM. There is no logic doing a B.Tech + B.E or BBA + BBM they are just same courses in different terminology.

MBA + PGPM courses offered by most Institutes can be considered offering an outreach MBA, a distance MBA or a correspondence MBA. These Bschools to cover up offer an invalid PGPM certificate created by the college.

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  • Hello sir...
    I have a query about pgdm course that..
    PGDM is a diploma of duration 2 years.. after this diploma can I get placement easily ??
    My 6 sem ia going on... After dat I wz wondering to do pgdm course plez suggest some colleges in bhopal....

    A very thankful sir !!

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