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How to clear engineering viva ?

Once a theory is done, that’s not over for an engineering student. What’s left is the engineering viva for at least 4 subjects in a semester, besides maths. This is face to face question session between an external examiner and yourself. Do not be tensed. Here we are sharing some tips on how to clear your engineering viva, with a good number.

In just a few you are asked 4-5 questions, and at least you must be correct with 2 and say something for the rest if you want to pass. It’s not difficult to pass, but not answering, could lead to failure.

The main purpose of a viva is to test the practical concepts of a student and his/her understanding.

Career advice on how to pass an engineering viva?

1. Often it is noticed that most people who failed in viva wore jeans, t-shirts and casual clothes.

There could be few reasons behind the attire theory. The examiner could have an opinion that, who wear casual clothes and jeans are insincere, and hence not give more importance to viva examination by coming dressed casually. In their mind, attire portrays the personality and outlook of the student.

2. If you have the last poll numbers, that’s an advantage because by the time your number is reached, he or she gets tired and exhausted with all his questions. The first few roll numbers take more time, and yours will complete more

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