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How do I start preparation for the SSC CGL as a fresher?

The preparation tips for a fresher to prepare for the SSC CGL are as follows:
  • I would recommend joining a coaching institute like Paramount or KD campus. They have really good teachers and they will teach in a very systematic way because coachings help you to save your time.
  • Buy some books like Rakesh Yadav 7300, Lucent, MB publication, Kiran.
  • When you sit to study is to know about SSC CGL syllabus, solve a mock question paper. Solve at least one mock paper every day.
  • Go through Previous year Papers this will give you a clear understanding of what type of questions asked this exam and help you to plan accordingly.
  •  Make a time management of your question paper. Decide how much time you are going to give to each question and each section.
  • Practice is an ultimate mantra of success so be focused and practice each section before final exam to succeed.


  • So you won't end up wasting time on useless topics.

    You time will not get wasted..

    Secondary when ever you get stuck on any topic then you can go to your teacher and ask him..

    • Now start by buying some good books like
      • Rakesh yadav 7300 for Maths
      • Lucent for GK
      • English by MB publication or Bakshi
      • Don't know any good for reason, you can try this one out for yourself.
      • Kirans for previous year papers
      • NCERT for basic concepts.
      • Online app like LearnAir
    • Attend the classes regularly.
    • Practice the questions of the topic you studied that day.
    • Study for atleast 5 hours a day.
    • Keep practicing and learn short tricks
    • Set an alarm while practicing and try to attempt as many questions as possible within the time limit.
    • Make some short notes listing all important formulas and short tricks.
    • Ready a English newspaper daily.
    • Give atleast 2 mock tests a week.
    • Solve previous year questions for sure.

    So these were my own points.. Hope it helps you.

    For practice you can download LearnAir app

  • The notification for SSC CGL 2018 is out and many aspirants have already started to prepare in full swing for the exam. Grade has been helping SSC aspirants by providing them practice questions and study material and important updates about the exam.


    1. Not understanding the exam pattern and syllabus
    Many aspirants jump into the preparation by joining a coaching institute and rely on the topics that are covered by the institute.  

    2. Ignoring the technical aspects of the exam
    Aspirants must familiarise themselves with the technical aspects of the online exam system. Practicing on pen and paper and with books can definitely help you master the concepts and speed but don't wait until the exam day to attempt test in an online mode. 

    3. Preparing for multiple exams simultaneously
    Many aspirants prepare for SSC CGL /banking and other exams simultaneously. Please note that each exam has a different way to assess the aspirants.  

    4. Referring to too many books/sources
    You have to be specific with the study material for SSC CGL Exams. You should avoid referring too many books or study material or online platforms.   

    5. Not planning your studies in advance
    Planning is one step which can save you not only from wasting your time but will also help you make judicious use of it. Aspirants have only 75 - 80 days for tier 1 exam. 

    6. Not giving due preference to all subjects
    Don't fall into the trap of focussing 'only' on your strengths. While it is important to maximize score in your strong areas, it is equally important to be strong in all subjects.  

    7. Relying only on short tricks
    While SSC is known for not changing the pattern and even repeating the questions in certain exams. You must learn the basics as well as short tricks instead of relying only on shortcut approaches.  

    8. Not making notes
    Especially for subjects like general studies, it is super important to revise the study material regularly. You should make short notes on them so that you can easily revise them regularly and before the exam.

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