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What is the strategy to prepare for the AIIMS and NEET in the last 2 months?

The strategies you need to follow for the AIIMS and NEET in the last 2 months are as follows:
1. Revise the Physics daily and practice it. Don't just read the notes. Pick pen and paper and start solving the questions. 
2. Make the syllabus short and compact to get revised in these last 2 months. You can also make NEET study plan for the 2 months. 
3. Include all the important topics in the study timetable. You can get enough time to revise for the NEET and AIIMS.
4. First focus on the common topics of the AIIMS and NEET.
5. Don't forget to revise the NCERT for the NEET and AIIMS. The weightage of the Biology is more in both the exams.
6. Give and analyze the mock tests regularly and see where you are weak. 
7. Remember these last 2 months are the revision only. So don't start any new topics.
All the best!!!!

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