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How can I prepare for the SSC CGL exam in 3 months?

The SSC CGL exam can be prepared in the 3 months by following the below strategies:

  • Study for at least 5 to 6 hours daily for the SSC CGL exam.
  • Solve Maths and reasoning problems first h by the general method..solve as much as you can so that you start to understand what the question is all about.
  • Then start solving it by any short trick, first learn the shirt trick how it is applied then apply to the questions since now you know the general steps,
  • The short trick is nothing but the general steps being cut into very few.
  • Revise the topics that you have studied on every Saturday
  • Give a mock test on every Sunday. Analyze them and look for the SSC CGL marks you need to score. Try to see in which area you are weak.
  • Solve previous year questions, because questions do repeat in exam
  • Make some short notes so that at last moments you can revise all of your syllabus in very less time

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