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How can I score 180+ marks in SSC CGL Tier 2 exam?

The most important thing for scoring the 180+ marks in SSC CGL exam are Consistency, Coverage, and Revision. 
  • Be consistent with your approach to the preparation and do regular practice according to the latest syllabus for the SSC CGL exam.
  • Cover all the topics very diligently. To score this much don't leave any topics and have a strong base for all the subjects.
  • Revise your topics after you have covered all the topics. Revision is must to score well in the Tier 2 exam.
  • Directly ask your queries from your mentors and teachers and refer some good SSC CGL books.
  • Give mock tests daily and analyze them to find out your weak areas.
  • The short tricks are nothing but the general steps being cut into very few.
  • For English, read as much as you can. Read newspapers, articles, editorials.
  • Underline the new word, learn their meaning
  • With reading you will develop an ability to find the error in the sentence, improving that sentence, with new words you will learn one-word Substitution, Antonyms, and Synonym

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