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SSC CHSL Exam preparation tips


If you want to prepare for SSC CHSL Exam 2018 then you have almost 2 month for preparation. 2 months are less time for your preparation if your basics are not cleared.

You can check below of SSC CHSL preparation tips. It will help you to prepare better for SSC CHSL.
  • Firstly, you should know the complete SSC CHSL syllabus and exam pattern so that you can cover all the topics.
  • You should make your time table for the preparation of SSC CHSL. In you study plan you should focus on some points, which are:
  • Check that your time table cover all the important topics which has high weightage in the exam for all subjects.
    In your time table, every subject has equal marks in the exam so you should give equal time for all subjects, if not then do it first.
    You should take at least 8-9 Hours for preparation. If some topics are tough for you then you should give extra time.
  • You should solve previous years question papers and mock test daily. They help you to increase your solving speed. If you solve daily question papers then you can make analysis of your preparation.
  • You should always create short notes. You can easily revise in short period of time.
  • Learn short tricks but it doesn’t mean you learned hard tricks. Some tricks are very short but also tough than the long tricks and time consuming. You should learn only those tricks which are simple and can save your time.
  • Time management is very important thing in your good preparation so you should always manage your time.
  • Take complete rest, eat healthy. You should take at least 8-9 hours’ sleep.
  • You should always give complete dedication in your preparation and not try to prepare more than one exams together.
If you follow these points then you will definitely get good marks in SSC CHSL Result.

You should have a confidence in your preparation.

Hope it will help.

Thank You!!

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