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How can I clear the SSC-CGL?

Well, depends on what you are currently doing. If you are working somewhere, try to get at least 2–3 hours out of your schedule on weekdays and probably spend around 6–8 hours on weekends to compensate.

If you're not working anywhere, then I'll suggest you give as much time as you can. Although, SSC CGL 2017  isn't the toughest exam to crack but the increasing competition asks a lot of hard work now.

Always try to make notes of things where you feel are making mistakes or struck. For eg: In maths while practice or during mock tests, you come across any question of which you feel have no clue, go through its solution and copy paste it in your notes and mark it as important.

Similarly, for English note down all the important things and missing blanks that you come across practice tests or mocks.

Revising these notes on daily basis will help you a lot and during final revision there wouldn't be any troubles.

And in the end, give as many mocks as possible before the exam. These mocks will help you evaluate your performance and give you that finishing touch before the exam.

Books you should referred:

Maths -

  • R.S Agarwal (for basics),
  • Arihant Quantum Cat - Very good book. Only do when you have ample time and basics clear.
  • Kiran Previous Year Paper - Just mug up all the questions from previous years. Do it at least 3–4 times.
  • M.Tyra - Again very good book. Learn all the shortcuts from here. Will save a great time in Mains exam.
  • Lucent Geometry: This is also a great book for problems in Geometry.
When you prepare the exam with proper planning and management then you will get good marks in SSC CGL Result.


  • Well, the most basic book here is the Lucent English. The most elaborative book covering almost everything. Do this book 2–3 times to build a strong base.
  • And besides this, you can do common errors in English. I'll recommend to repeat this book as many times. And do not skip the previous year papers too.
  • For Vocab, I did Word power made easy. You can do any book here where you can find the list of commonly asked synonyms, one word for many etc.

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