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What are the best ways to prepare for SSC-CGL 2018 with coaching plus IT job?


If you want to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 with IT Job then you can easily prepare. Many candidates prepare with job and also crack the exam.

I think, for SSC CGL 2018, there is no need for coaching because you have enough time for preparation. If you give 3–4 hours for preparation then you can crack the exam.

However, if you want to join coaching then you can join online because IT Job works in shifts and most of the time of offline coaching and job are same. Online Coachingwill more than help you from the offline and you will manage your IT job and SSC Preparation. You should solve previous papers such as SSC CGL 2017, 2016, 2015 etc. it will really help you in your preparation.

If you want to study any one subject in coaching then you can join in morning or after your job (Night) where you suitable.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on you job. At least when you work then you should completely focus on your job not the SSC Preparation because competition is very high in SSC CGL.

But, i will suggest you to join only online coaching or not any coaching. prepare with self study.

Thank You!!

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