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How should I prepare GS for SSC CHSL ?


SSC CHSL includes the syllabus of General Awareness are:

  • General awareness of the environment around us and its application to society.
  • Questions related to current events.
  • Matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspect.
  • India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General policy and scientific research.

Gk section covers 50 marks in 25 questions. To get 30–35 marks in this section then 15–18 questions should be correct.

  • You should check the higher weightage topics in Gk for SSC CHSL and cover all topics.
  • Get the current affairs from newspapers , magazines, watching news channels and any other sources.
  • Many websites provides weekly GK blogs. You should read them and make notes.
  • Take at least 1 hour for history, culture, Geography and another 1 hour for news papers, news channels.
  • Give mock papers for GK and also solve previous papers.
  • Revise time to time all topics which you covered.

If you prepared according to these points, you will get 30–35 marks easily.

Thank You!!


  • GS is so vast just get a Lucent’s GK and read it multiple times. Read it not learn it, and by the time you’ll get into exams you will automatically know the answer of the questions you’ve read before, just by seeing it.

    Don’t focus too much on the topics like current and miscellaneous stuffs.

    I’d rather suggest you to improve your english and maths and practice reasoning.

    The thing about these topics is, there’s a fix syllabus and you can score as much as you want just by a little practice. On the other hand, GS seems to be a very vast topic and they can ask anything (so just read Lucent many times would be sufficient for GS)

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