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  • Respected sir,
    Please help me
    I am a faillure of electronics and communication engineering(2012-2016) . I had lot of dippresion during my b.tech study. My college is conducted by Rajasthan technical univercity (private college). When I studying in this college I find it's worst CLG in world .. Having no experience faculty , no guidance, No practices etc. I was want drop to college . but my father refused me. Then I decide I''ll do but I failled 8 times 8 semester in engineering . I never fail before it .
    My dream is became a entrepreneur ....
    I have fully depressed ...I lost my decision making power of intelligence so sir please help me ..I am just thinking about hotel management degree. I also want part time job for complition of degree .
    So sir please guide me regarding my career .what I can do better with my future ..guide me ..inspiration me .. Moto me ..
    Sir u help everyone help me one
  • @jitendra99_ Hi..considering your situation I would first recommend you to get a Degree either full time or part time from a UGC recognized university. If you do in distance mode also it is treated as a valid degree and you can do further studies also.

    You have analyzed yourself very well and came to point to write on this forum, it means you have so much of hope and confidence left on you. Suggest you to lift yourself up, do a distance degree simultaneously work as per your caliber or potential in any field. You can also learn web development etc.

    If I say that every great Entrepreneur was once a college drop out, it is not a myth which you will agree with me. Go forward and think of implementation.

    All the best!
  • Hi ,I have also completed B.Tech from RTU private college with EC Branch & i cleared with 71%.If you are failed you can't blame your college for this .I am doing part time job & also preparing for competitive exams Online.

    Now come to the point If you are not interested in B.tech Than drop your B.tech .Now you are interested in Hotel management course do that course but with authorized place & yes do hard work this time .Don't give another chance to life to disappoint you.

    I will suggest you not to go for part time job Because you are already disturbed than .it will increase your distraction.Still you want to join than go ahead ,It is a good thing .

    All the best

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