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Review on ISME Bangalore

edited March 2016 in MBA
I am hearing a lot on ISME Bangalore, It is also accepting MAT score. What are the positives on ISME as compared to any other Business schools. Is it good, average or poor? Can anyone please explain. They have put me in wait list not given admission due to low score in class X.


  • @Kirti I am currently pursuing my PGDM from ISME Bangalore. I would rate 8 out of 10 for ISME. The faculty is one of the best, campus, infra, hostel & food is above average. It is a bit far from city it is OK because in Bangalore most of the BSchools are out side the main city.

    You can join if you have MAT score from 500 - 600 comp score, if you have 600+ you can give a shot at Christ University or XIME. After XIME, Christ, prefer ISME Bangalore.

    I have got MSRIM, IBA, IFIM etc but ISME is what I have preferred with a MAT score of 576 comp Score and thru out 70% in academics. I am doing Marketing paper as Major.

    Yes after wait list they v l schedule another round of interview, prepare well.

  • @Pragya Thanx for the response, I am preparing well enough. If I have not got admission in ISME then which other BSchools can I prefer for PGDM.

    But in case not done well, which are best IBA or IFIM?

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