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MBA or M.Tech: What to choose after your B.E or B.Tech?

edited February 2012 in MBA
MBA & M.Tech (or M.S) in full time mode will have 2 years durations, the fee varies depending upon the college & university the course is affiliated to. Right after your Engineering graduation you are left with an option of searching for a job or go for further studies (typically students with <60% marks intend to go for PG course). The biggest dilemma here is should I do M.Tech or M.S or go far MBA?

Usually students make up their mind in the final year of their graduation or so and decide what they should be doing, since you are required to appear for competitive entrance exams such as GATE (for M.Tech) or CAT (for MBA). If you have applied for both and confused about choosing MBA over M.Tech or vice versa read on..

For Engineering graduates whether you do M.Tech or stay with your B.Tech itself it really doesn't matter, you will be treated par with B.E or B.Tech students; unless you do your M.Tech from some of the finest Engineering colleges like IITs, NITs or atleast some of the best Engineering colleges in State level. You are spending your additional 2 years of time for taking similar job offer you could have got if you tried hard. Point here is if you need a software job try hard, there are Companies who consider students without 60% marks also.

Other side if your goals are different and you have specific reasons to go for M.Tech or M.S you should go for it, may be your planning for Ph.D or studying M.S in western countries like US (to settle abroad).

Well about MBA, usual perception is that MBA gives you a jump in your career and becomes more meaningful if you are an Engineering Graduate. This is probably a myth, students who do MBA will receive similar salary packages or even less compared to a B.E or B.Tech graduate. Again the disclaimer is assuming you didn't secure admission for MBA in IIMs, Symbiosis, XLRIs or other top colleges. Leaving the top 500 MBA colleges or so, it really doesn't matter where you do your MBA. One need to work really hard to make it to the real management level, apart from being in Sales! (The reality)

Having said all the above it all depends on individual and his or her goals. Go for MBA if your intention is to be a business man or a management guy one or the other day, if you are fully inclined towards technology and dreamed about being software programmer look no further go for MS or M.Tech.

So what you want to be tomorrow is what it matters to decide over MBA or M.Tech.

Any one else who want to contribute their inputs or have queries can leave a comment!


  • Wow! Amazing and very helpful guide!
    Its like what i exactly looking
    for i got here thanks a lot for sharing the points here. I have done my
    BE in instrumental engineering and now i get confused in to do MBA or
    M.TECH. Yes i was thinking to start a business also , i don't wanna go
    for technology and hence i will choose MBA over M.TECH.
    Choosing right career
    is main concern for almost all candidates and i think they should go
    though your guide, i will shared this tip with my friends too. Thanks a

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