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Mnemonics to prepare for NEET 2018 Chemistry Section

Mnemonics are fun learning tools that create an association of complex theory or formulae with ordinary items or activities and helps in memorizing concepts. Common mnemonics are short poems, phrases or acronyms that allows easy memory recall.

Students in preparation for NEET can use some cool mnemonics to commit to memory the huge load of concepts that, particularly, Chemistry syllabus has. In this section, we list some famous mnemonics that students can resort to jazz up their NEET Chemistry Prep.
(H – Hydrogen, He – Helium, Li – Lithium, Be – Beryllium, B – Boron, C – Carbon, N – Nitrogen, O – Oxygen, F – Fluorine, Ne – Neon, Na – Sodium, Mg – Magnesium, Al – Aluminum, Si – Silicon, P – Phosphorus, S – Sulfur, Cl – Chlorine, Ar – Argon, K – Potassium, Ca – Calcium).
The sequence of atomic orbitals: Sober Physicists Don’t Find Giraffes Hiding In Kitchens. (After the k shell, they follow the alphabetical order (skipping s and p as they came previously).
The first 20 elements in the Periodic Table: Happy Henry Lives Beside Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelly Nancy McAllen. Silly Patrick Stays Close. Arthur Kisses Carrie.
Topics in Chemistry (weight-wise)
It is important that students have a fair understanding of the coverage of the NEET syllabus for Chemistry paper. Based on the following tabulation, students can make their preparations. The following table depicts the number of questions that have been asked in NEET 2017 in each of the topics mentioned. Based on the frequency of questions asked on specific topics, the most important topics of the subject can be segregated for selective preparation.


  • Check NEET Answer Key if you want to prepare better and want to get the good marks in exam. It will help you to solve the previous papers. 

    Previos papers and answer key play a very important role in exam. It will help you to analyze your preparation.
  • In excess of 10 lakh students show up for the NEET exam each year for almost 1 lakh seats in various medical and dental colleges the nation over. That speaks about the competition and the amount of entrance exam preparation that is required to crack the exam.
    for preparation tips: NEET 2018

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