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What is the best way to prepare for NEET 2018?

The best way to prepare is doing practice the right way. Firstly, practice as much as possible because it is the only way by which you can improve your performance in all aspects.NEET exam and for that matter, any competitive exam is also the same. NEET exam would happen only once in a year. So you have to practice all questions several times before the date of your ultimate NEET Test in 2018. Just keep a few things in mind:
  1. Study for at least 10–12 hours daily. Set targets for yourself and try achieving them daily. Make sure that your daily targets are realistic so that you don't end up losing your confidence.
  2. Practice a good amount of MCQs daily and give lots of mock tests on a weekly or fortnightly basis. In my opinion, MCQs are an integral part of NEET-JEE preparation. The more you practice, the better you remember things. U can ask me about the things to be used for practicing.
  3. Know the syllabus well - Even before you embark on the actual theory, spend a good amount of time understanding the NEET 2018 syllabus
  4.  Work on weaker topics - Most students will identify with this. You may be very strong on one subject and relatively weak in the other. Don’t get demotivated. Work harder on the weaker subjects.
  5. Do not study for more than 2 hours Continuously. Research shows that after this period of time the brain can no longer work to its full potential and that any information read or listened to will basically just go in one ear and then out the other.


  • Wonderful tips!
    I have my NEET exam in coming days and what's better i can get than these preparation tips for NEET. Knowing the syllabus and then prepare according is what most important. You have shared some really good tips here, i have gone through various article on how to crack NEET exam 2018 and it makes me confident for preparing. Thanks a lot for sharing1
  • Hello there...!!
    Hope your preparation for the NEET 2018 exam is going great. About your question, I have read a really interesting answer regarding a similar type of question which might help you in your preparation. To read the answer, you can click on the link given below:
    Hope this will be helpful

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