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What was the daily routine for the SSC CGL?

The daily routine for the SSC CGL should be as follows:
Study according to the latest SSC CGL syllabus and exam pattern to get the latest pattern. The SSC CGL notification will be quite handy for this purpose. 
Be prepared with the study material which you are referring. Practice as much as you can from the Kiran's publication. 
Study for 6 hours a day for preparation of SSC CGL.Your timetable should be very simple. 2 hours for Mathematics are enough and 1 and a half for English. An hour for Reasoning is sufficient. 
Study History and Polity together but complete History first. This will make Polity easy. For Economics and Current affairs, You can use the help of YouTube. Study Geography by making Diagram.
The SSC CGL preparation and paper attempting tips should be helpful in the exam.


  • I started preparing full time about three months before the tier 1 of CGL 2015. I had problems with some topics and speed in Maths and wanted to join coaching for English also, so I started attending classes for both at some local teachers’ institutes. I didn’t join any institute because It would take extra time for reasoning and GK.

    So this was my daily routine for the tier 1

    • Getting up at 6 in the morning.
    • 1 hour for morning duties plus 1 hour for breakfast and newspaper reading.
    • 4 hours of Maths
    • 2 hours lunch plus leisure time.
    • 1 hour afternoon sleep.
    • 1 hour English Class.
    • 2 hours Reasoning plus some GK plus revision of English Class.
    • 3 hours for evening walk, going to market, dinner, daily call to parents, etc etc.
    • 3 hours for Some Maths Practice and taking a mock with timer ( I used to take a offline mock daily for prelims because I had to take some days off for my B.Ed. exams)
    • 6 hours to my love, MY BED :)
    • Read Again for next day ;)

    On Thursdays and Sundays, I used to take mocks at a local institute ( MEH Jaipur, in case any one wants to know) . So the slot for morning Maths would move to the prime time slot;)

    For Tier 2

    As there were only two subjects to study, I tweaked the above routine a bit. I faced some health problems after tier 1, so had only about 1 month to prepare for the big game. So those who will be asking How to clear Tier 2 in One month, this might help you a bit.

    • Getting up at 6 in the morning.
    • 1 hour to morning duties plus breakfast (no GK, so used to miss newspapers)
    • 4 hours to Maths.
    • 1 hour to lunch.
    • 3 hours to Maths.
    • 2 hours to English.
    • 1 hour to Advanced Maths Class.
    • 2 hours to dinner, and peace for the mind.
    • 3 hours to Maths.

    If you can get up at the right time, rest of the routine is easy to follow. So first try to wake up and go to sleep at the time fixed.

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