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How do I start preparation for the IIT JAM Physics?

The IIT JAM Physics preparation can be done by following the below tips:
1. First of all, get the knowledge about the IIT JAM syllabus and don't focus study beyond than that. Beyond the syllabus, the examiner will not ask anything.
2. The Physics preparation involves a lot of practice of the different concepts.The concepts involve the thing which you need to practice and apply in the questions.
3. Start with the high school books for the 11th, 12th, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year. Work on the basics of the subjects. The basics are the important things which you need to take care off. 
4. After you are done with your syllabus once, start giving the mock tests so that you will have the idea about where you stand. 
5. The IIT JAM preparation can also be done by the practice the previous year exam paper. Focus on the last 5 year papers.
6. Formulas are the backbone of Physics. Learning Formulas is the most important step in IIT JAM Physics. So, try to learn those formulas daily. Make a small diary and write all the Physics Formula for IIT JAM. Now, you just need to learn those formulas daily, once or twice a day.


  • Hello there, you can check out this interesting youtube video which you can watch. Through this video, you will get some interesting preparation tips which you can use to crack the exam. You can click on the link mentioned below to get the video:
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    All the best..!!

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