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What are the best books for preparing the IIT JAM Maths Exam?

Before selecting best books for IIT JAM preparation you have to check out the complete JAM mathematics syllabus.
Here are the some of the best books for the IIT JAM exam Maths:

  1. Linear Algebra Done Right (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) - Sheldon Axler
  2. Linear Algebra: A Geometric Approach - Kumaresan
  3. Calculus: One-Variable Calculus with An Introduction to Linear Algebra, Vol 1, 2ed - Tom M. Apostol
  4. Introduction to Real Analysis, 4ed - Donald R. Sherbert Robert G. Bartle
  5. Calculus: Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra with Applications to Differential Equations and Probability, Vol 2, 2ed - Tom M. Apostol
  6. Calculus, 10ed, ISV (WSE) - Howard Anton
  7. Contemporary Abstract Algebra - Joseph A. Gallian

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