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How do I score 600 marks in NEET exam?

Not an easy task to score more than 600 or maybe to reach this level. The NEET Exam is conducted for the admissions in MBBS and BDS. 

Some of the NEET Preparation tips you can follow are:

  1. Because you have enough time-know about the NEET exam very well. Like the eligibility, syllabus etc.
  2. Very important to do is- Create a study table and make it in slots with a short break in between
  3. Set your routine in a way that you target the difficult ones first and then go to the ones you can handle well.
  4. Prepare well, master of basics, keep revising. Keep giving online/offline mocks.
  5. Work on your strengths and weaknesses. Analyse your performances. Give enough time to weak areas and master them
  6. Join relevant groups with the common aim and interest and learn to get and give information.

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