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How can I practice questions in a right way for NEET?


As you have mentioned yourself that you have one year, that puts you in the advantageous spot. Try and figure out the syllabus that you are going to follow for NEET. For you, the NEET 2018 is target and you should focus your energy to prepare for the subjects keeping in mind the study material that you are going to refer to. Since NEET Exam 2018 is relatively new phenomena with all the other state conducted exams gone, it is really important for you to understand the pattern well in advance.

As far as getting frustated and fearful about your wrong answers are concerned, do not get worried about that. It is part of your preparation procedure. Just practice some more on the topics you feel you are lacking. Make sure you do not skip the parts that you feel are bothering you. Make a proper time-schedule to segregate your prep hours for boards and for the NEET prep.

Best of Luck for the exams.

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