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M.Sc. or MBA

edited December 2016 in MBA
Which career is better after completing B.Sc. - M.Sc. or MBA

After completing B.Sc. there are too many career options available. So It is really hard to choose the better one..

Help to know about this..


  • This decision will entirely depend on where your skills and interest lie. You should decide on the area you would like to make a career. Like if you find the science stream interesting and want to make a career in the same i.e. technical job then you must complete M.Sc. After that you must clear the NET, JRF exam. You must go for MBA only if you are more interested in the administrative oriented jobs. If you are okay with administrative oriented jobs and if you are ready to enter tjhe business world then you can go for mba and for that too you have to clear various competitve exams like cat, cmat, mat etc to get admission in reputed colleges.
    I am suggesting you some very good colleges for both the courses which you can go for the respective courses.
    St.Stephens College delhi
    Loyola college chennai
    st.xaveirs college, mumbai
    Christ university, banglore

    MBA Colleges
    IIM Ahemdabad, indore, banglore, mumbai, delhi
    Christ university
    Delhi school of business

  • Thank You!!
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    Thank You!!

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